André Audet

"As a nature photographer, I am committed to capture the vibrancy, texture, and artistry of my surroundings without contrivance. My vision is to explore how individual elements come together to create visual harmony, to tell a story that becomes greater than the sum of its parts so that the observer experiences nature in an unfamiliar, yet wholly mesmerizing way."


  • Proud father of two amazing boys, Samuel and Joel

  • I live in Moncton, New Brunswick (Canada)

  • Self-taught photographer, with the help of YouTube and books

  • I have a full time (non-photographer) job in the Federal Public Service with Parks Canada

  • Wannabe musician who plays several instruments (but not very well)

  • I teach photography classes and workshops in English and French

  • My work was featured by CBC, Canadian Geographic and Saltscapes to name a few.

  • While my main genres of photography are Landscapes and Wildlife, I've also taken jobs shooting concerts, weddings, real estate, hospitality, family portraits, air shows, corporate events and headshots.

  • I've watched Dumb & Dumber at least 100 times in my life.

  • Appeared twice as a guest on the Picturing Success Podcast with Rick Sammon and Larry Becker.

  • Work published by Canadian Geographic and Saltscapes

  • I make seriously good nachos.

  • Featured by CBC, Radio-Canada, Royal Canadian Air Force, Steven Page and New Brunswick Tourism among others

Andre Audet, wildlife photographer
Andre Audet, landscape photographer
Google Street View at Kouchibouguac National Park




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André Audet is a bilingual Canadian nature and commercial photographer and photography educator based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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Photo by Brittany Crossman