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Fall in New Brunswick

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

In the fall, Mother Nature really puts on a show in the 506! I love traveling around the province this time of year and capturing images when colours are at their peak.

I put together a collection of some of my favourite wildlife and landscape photos, taken in the fall season, from all over the province of New Brunswick.


Pabineau Falls (Bathurst, NB)

The Nepisiguit River has a set of rapids about 13 km south of Bathurst, known as the Pabineau Falls. I brought my kids to see the waterfall just as the colours were at their peak. Amazing scenery, definitely worth the short detour off the highway.


Mount Sagamook (Mount Carleton Provincial Park)

This is Mount Sagamook, as seen from Little Nictau Lake in Mount Carleton Provincial Park. I remember loving how the yellow leaves from the deciduous trees had an amazing glow as the golden light from the late afternoon sun was hitting them. Beautiful park, add it to your bucket list.


Parlee Beach (Shediac, NB)

You may be wondering how come a photo of a beach is showing up during a Fall photography theme… well it turns out that beaches stick around all year :) This shot of ring billed gulls at Parlee Beach shows that even though the tourists are gone, there is still life at the beach!


Moose swimming across lake, Mount Carleton Provincial Park

You haven’t experienced fall in New Brunswick until you’ve spent a few October days in Mount Carleton Provincial Park. One morning, as the fog was still floating on top of Bathurst Lake, I noticed in the distance a moose cow on the edge of the water. She then went in and swam across the lake. It’s unbelievable how fast moose can swim! I had heard they were good swimmers, but it was my first time seeing it in person.


Pumpkin Fields Forever (Memramcook, NB)

At the time of writing this blog, this is my most liked photo on Instagram! This pumpkin filled field is located in Pré-d'en-Haut, near Memramcook. Credits to Mother Nature for providing those epic clouds and sunset!


Wicked Sunset in Mount Carleton Provincial Park

Camped at Mount Carleton Provincial Park to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery up there, and got to witness this unique looking sunset at Nictau Lake. There seemed to be a vertical beam of light… it was very bizarre and beautiful at the same time.


Reversing Falls (Saint John, NB)

Woke up super early on that October morning and drove from Moncton to Saint John in order to catch the sunrise at Reversing Falls. As I was driving, I was wondering whether I should have stayed in bed that morning, because the weather forecast was not looking as good as it did the night before... but I kept going anyway. Glad I did, because Mother Nature delivered a spectacular sunrise that morning!


The Bog (Kouchibouguac National Park)

The Bog Trail is my favourite trail in Kouchibouguac National Park, especially in the fall. The colours are vibrant, and the scenery is different than what I’m used to. Almost looks like you've temporarily stepped onto a different planet! With all its sights and smells, this trail is a beautiful one to explore, and I highly recommend it. And who can resist climbing that 6-meter tall observation tower to snap a few pics?


Fort Beauséjour – Fort Cumberland National Historic Site

This historic fort is located in possibly one of my favourite areas in all of New Brunswick, the Tantramar Marsh. Obviously, it is an amazing place to visit during the daytime, but make sure to check it out at night as well! It’s a bit chilly here at night during the fall, but on the plus side, fewer mosquitos :)


Red Squirrel (Rothesay, NB)

This little red squirrel was entertaining to watch, as he or she was jumping from branch to branch, very much like a monkey! Seemed like a happy fella. Gotta love those fall colours in the trees!


Eco-Centre Dunes (Bouctouche, NB)

It was windy and a bit cold, but the fresh air and the view was all worth it. One of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen. The sky at the horizon turned bright red.


The View From the Bluffs Trail (Sussex-Corner, NB)

I had heard good things about the Sussex Bluffs Trail, but I didn’t realize just how awesome it really is until I finally hiked it in the fall. I took a few shots that evening, but this one is my favourite… I love how the golden sunlight gently kisses the top of the hills. 2 minutes later, that light was already gone.


Deer Buck (Rothesay, NB)

Deer buck in the fall

Whenever I get the chance, I love to go for a drive to Rothesay/Quispamsis and see if I can find a bit of wildlife to photograph while I’m there… which I admit isn’t much of a challenge, because it seems like whitetail deer are just about everywhere, especially by the Kennebecasis River. That morning, I think I counted about 17 deer in a 2 km radius… this 4-year old buck was my favourite to photograph.


See more images on Instagram @andreaudet.

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Jean Roger Blanchard
Jean Roger Blanchard
17 oct. 2018

Bravo André. ... tu représentes bien notre chère province..... très belles photos...... comme je les aime.... really nice

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