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Biggest Print I've EVER Signed!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Well, that is one BIG print!

A mural of my Hopewell Rocks photo was installed in the new offices of the Department of Canadian Heritage's in Moncton last week, and on Monday, they invited me to write my signature with a Sharpie on it.

The wall is approximately 10 feet high and about 14 feet wide. This is the largest one of my photos have been printed, although I did have a photo of mine that was displayed much bigger on a digital billboard.

I'm surprised at the quality of the print, considering its size. I feared that it would look more pixelated but it came out looking absolutely great! The colours were really nice also.

Honestly, this makes me want to make a wall like this for my own home!

If you're interested in getting a mural like this on your home or office wall, please visit my Prints page.


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