André Audet

"As a nature photographer, I am committed to capture the vibrancy, texture, and artistry of my surroundings without contrivance. My vision is to explore how individual elements come together to create visual harmony, to tell a story that becomes greater than the sum of its parts so that the observer experiences nature in an unfamiliar, yet wholly mesmerizing way."


I came to photography somewhat accidentally. I’ve been employed with Parks Canada since 2010, working in social media, web communications, promotions and brand management. In that position, I had access to, and spent many hours discovering, Parks Canada’s photo collections. Being constantly exposed to great photography when developing brand products or creating social media content helped me appreciate composition, lighting and visual storytelling. Inspired by some of Canada’s most spectacular natural landscapes and cultural and historical landmarks, I picked up the camera for myself.


What was initially an interest turned into a passion when my first child was born. I’d spend countless hours reading books, watching YouTube videos and checking out blogs, learning about photography. I practiced a lot using the baby as subject, and by the time my second child was born, I was fully versed in the manual mode and felt confident in my skills.


In 2014, I returned to my initial interest, landscape photography, and soon later I started shooting wildlife. I love exploring the vibrancy and texture of nature, and I love stumbling upon the many little gems that can be found in the Maritimes.


My fine art photography prints have sold in Canada and Europe, and my commercial photography has helped create billboards, tourist guides, website content, brochures and advertisements for several organizations. ​I’ve also judged photography competitions and had work featured in publications such as Canadian Geographic and Saltscapes.


While I spend most of my time chasing sunrises and sunsets, or waiting patiently for a bird to settle or a fox to turn around, I have also photographed several weddings, as well as corporate events. A few years, I began offering regular photography classes and workshops for beginners in the Greater Moncton area, focusing primarily on fundamental rules of composition and technical settings.


Outside of photography, I play a variety of musical instruments. I also love trying new craft beers, attending concerts, going on camping trips and hiking. But most importantly, I'm a dad of two amazing little boys that fill my life with joy and laughter.

Andre Audet, wildlife photographer
Andre Audet, landscape photographer
Google Street View at Kouchibouguac National Park

I’m a proud member of Nature First: The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography​.

I’m dedicated to following the Nature First Principles:

  1. Prioritize the well-being of nature over photography.

  2. Educate yourself about the places you photograph.

  3. Reflect on the possible impact of your actions.

  4. Use discretion if sharing locations.

  5. Know and follow rules and regulations.

  6. Always follow Leave No Trace principles and strive to leave places better than you found them.

  7. Actively promote and educate others about these principles




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André Audet is a bilingual Canadian nature and commercial photographer and photography educator based in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.


Proud member of Nature First, the Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography