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Charline and Marc

I was so happy to be asked to be part of Charline and Marc's wedding day on August 19, 2016 in Moncton NB! The day went very smoothly, with warm weather and lots of laughter throughout the day.

Joséphine, the bride's grandmother, had been in the hospital for several months, but her doctor granted her a few hours of discharge so that she could attend the wedding. What a touching moment it was when Charline walked down the asile and stopped halfway to greet her smiling grandmother and take her hand.

I submitted the image to National Geographic YourShot's assignment titled "I Love You", and the photo was marked Editors' Favourites by National Geographic contributing photographer John Stanmeyer.

Sadly, Joséphine passed away two weeks after the wedding. I'm extremely proud to have had the opportunity to capture these important moments spent with her family near the end of her life. Weddings are rare occasions to get big families together, and as a photographer, I know the importance of capturing amazing family moments throughout the day, as the opportunity does not come often for many families.

Charline and Marc's wedding was super fun, a I had a blast spending the day with these two, their families and their friends. Below are some images of this great wedding day.


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