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Embracing Ethical and Responsible Nature Photography Principles

A wood duck on blue and golden water, due to the reflection of the sky and the sun

As a nature photographer, I've always been all about capturing the beauty of the outdoors while taking care of it too. That's why when I stumbled upon Nature First: The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography, it felt like finding a kindred spirit.

Nature First is like putting words to what I've always believed in—it's about staying true to my values of embracing ethical and responsible nature photography. Here's how its seven principles have naturally shaped my approach:

  1. Putting Nature First: From day one, I've prioritized nature's well-being over getting the perfect shot. No photo is worth harming the environment.

  2. Knowing Before Going: Before hitting the trails, I've made it a habit to learn about the places I photograph. Knowing what's what helps me be respectful and stay out of trouble.

  3. Leading by Doing: I've believed actions speak louder than words. By practicing responsible photography, I hope to inspire others to do the same.

  4. Following the Rules: Whether it's permits or keeping my distance from wildlife, I've always stuck to the rules. They're there to protect the places I love.

  5. Respecting the Subjects: Every critter and flower deserves respect. I've always kept my distance and let them be themselves without any interference.

  6. Leaving No Trace: I've always been about leaving nature as I found it—no mess, no fuss. It's my way of saying thanks for letting me capture its beauty.

  7. Spreading the Word: Through my photos, I've aimed to show others why nature matters. It's not just about pretty pictures; it's about protecting our planet.

If you're interested in learning more about Nature First and their principles, check out their website. Let's all do our part to keep nature thriving for generations to come!

A Nova Scotia shoreline of rocks and sea weed at sunset.


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