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My First Experience Using A Drone

I recently obtained my Transport Canada certification for operating a remotely piloted aircraft system (that's the fancy term for "drone"), and the minute I got my license, I went and purchased the new DJI Air 2s.

This was my first time ever flying a drone. After a practice run in the early afternoon at my cousin's house (I mainly shot videos of him mowing his lawn! hahaha), I went to the beautiful Belliveau Orchard in Memramcook, New Brunswick, which is located near the Petitcodiac River.

Luck was on my side that evening, because I was treated with a stunning sunset. The clouds were perfect, and the colours were absolutely gorgeous.

I must say, with no prior experience in aerial photography, I was blown away by the performance of this drone. Even with the wind, it performed beautifully and smoothly, and basically provided as much steadyness as my tripod!

For these images, I decided to shoot them in brackets of 5, and I'm very happy with the results. The sharpness is really great, and the colours look gorgeous. I don't expect to be treated to this level of epicness evey time I take the drone out, but I do like the potential this addition to my camera bag will bring to my game! I really like being able to shoot from a higher perspective.

Below are some of my favourite images from this first attempt at aerial photography:


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