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Spotlight on the Atlantic Wildlife Institute

The Atlantic Wildlife Institute is a charity located near Sackville, New Brunswick. For the past 25 years, they have been dedicated to wildlife rehabilitation. They provide Emergency medical care for injured, orphaned and ill wildlife.

The AWI is truly a remarkable facility! Among other things, they have an education centre with amazing programs, and on the premises they have several animal enclosures of various sizes where they can take care of injured wild animals.

A bobcat in recovery at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute

I've had a opportunity to visit the facility a number of years ago to see how a young bald eagle was doing. This individual had been hit by a vehicle in a national park. I don't remember precisely the extent of its injuries, but the eagle was definitely in rough shape and no doubt would have succumbed of his injuries without intervention.

With bald eagles having a great significance to the Mi'gmaq People — and also since the injury was as a result of a collision with a vehicle (and not "natural causes") — park staff made the decision to take the juvenile bald eagle to the Atlantic Wildlife Institute for rehabilitation.

The injured juvenile bald eagle in the aviary at the Atlantic Wildlife Institute

After several months at the facility, we were able to bring the bald eagle back to the park and release him into the wild at a private ceremony held with AWI's Pam Novak, a few Parks Canada staff members and representatives from the Mi'gmaq community of Elsipogtog First Nation.

The moment the bald eagle was released back into the wild.

It was a great moment to witness, and just one of thousands of success stories that came from the Atlantic Wildlife Institute.

Please Donate

Caring for wildlife does come at a cost. You need staff and facilities to operate wildlife rehabilitation facilities. You also need equipment and supplies to actually provide care to injured critters.

the AWI is a charity organisation and they need your support to continue providing this great care to wildlife.

You can donate directly to them. Visit their website at


PLEASE NOTE: I will be putting a print up for auction in the days to come. All proceeds will go to AWI. Stay tuned for details!


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