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My Top 5 Favourite Landscape Photos of 2021

One year ago, I ended the year with a post on my Top 5 Wildlife Photos of 2020. So this year, in a dramatic turn of events (I hope you can sense my sarcasm here), here's the top 5 landscape images of the year!

Despite the pandemic having made it difficult for travel and getting around again this year, I've managed to get out and do a bit of photography whenever I could. This year, I obtained my drone license and got acquainted with this amazing technology which provides me with illimited opportunities to create images from unique perspectives. It's very exciting and I look forward to shooting more images from a bird's eye view in 2022.

Below are my favourite images of the year 2021. Enjoy!


#5 – The Memramcook River

A creek falls into a muddy river at sunset
Memramcook River

This is one of my favourite spots to watch the sunset. Walking on the muddy riverbank, I remember the tide was rising, so I had to move my tripod back and change my composition a few times as the water was getting close to my feet. There was practically no wind and oddly enough, very few mosquitos. The clouds were moving in quickly, and not long after this shot was taken, the colour in the sky was practically all gone.


#4 – Summer at the Horizon

a crack in the ice leads the eye to the setting sun
Icy Parlee Beach

This shot was made at the end of March, as the ice build up at the beach was starting to melt. I was at the beach with a couple of buddies, and had trouble finding a composition I liked... so I climbed up that little ice wall and went down towrads the water, and found this crack in the ice that seemed to lead to the sun, and so I placed my camera really low to the ground and snapped the shot before the sun dropped below the horizon line.


#3 – Moncton Sunset

A lake surrounded by colourful trees in the autumn, at sunset
Moncton Reservoir

The fall colours that week were at their peak, and the sun was close to setting, so I knew I didn't have time to drive for too long to find a location. I went to the closest place I could fly legally that had a body of water. I caught the tail end of the sunset and got a shot of the lake with the colourful trees surrounding it.


#2 – Milkyway at Fort Beausejour

Night time shot of a historic building with the milkyway on top of it
Milkyway at Fort Beausejour

The highway connecting Nova Scotia to New Brunswick is just next to this historic site, yet somehow people just drive by and don't know that this is a great place to stop and enjoy the view. But an even lesser known fact is that this place is also amazing for stargazing. This was one of the rare nights where all the conditions were favourable: New moon (so, practically no moonlight), clear skies, no wind (which is super rare at this spot, and very helpful in keeping the tripod steady), and no mosquitos.

See more images from this shoot on this post.


#1 – Memramcook Sunset

Aerial shot of a country road with a river and apple orchard by its side at sunset
Belliveau Orchard, Memramcook

The day I passed my written drone exam, I bought my very first drone and took it home to charge the batteries. I knew the forecast for the next day looked promising with very low wind speeds and no rain. I had a photo session with a client planned that day at an apple orchard, so I brought the drone with me, knowing the location and the conditions would be ideal for my first drone flight by the time the family session would be done. After a few minutes of flying low and slow go get used to the controls, I elevated the drone and positioned it so that I could see the Petitcodiac River, and the road leading up to the orchard. I got really excited when I realized what I was about to capture. What a view!

For more images of this shoot, see this post.


Wishes for the New Year

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year! Be kind to one another, wear your damn mask, take the jab, and try to have some fun along the way!



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